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Larchmont Chronicle

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Within one block of the northern terminus of Larchmont Boulevard, the neighborhood is becoming quite the dining capital. Essentially at the corner of Melrose Avenue and Lucerne Boulevard, there now are four restaurants, with the fourth being Le Petite Marché that just opened in the middle of last month. Still in its “soft opening” phase, the enterprise brings more international dining to this corner.

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— John Welborne

Spectrum News 1

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Get transported to France for the day and embark on a culinary experience with Chef Stephane Liot at Le Petit Marchè in Larchmont.

— Jada Montemarano

Los Angeles Eatar

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It took slightly over two years, but Le Petit Marché opens today in Larchmont Village. The new all-day French eatery has all the elements of a walkable neighborhood restaurant, bar, and market with a respectable local cast of coffee, meats, cheeses, bread, pastry, and wine purveyors.

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— Mona Holmes

French Morning

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Mathew Cape a toujours aimé organiser de grands dîners chez lui, sur Beachwood drive. “Pour trouver de bons produits, il fallait que je me rende dans cinq boutiques différentes, ça me prenait l’après-midi.”...

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— Sandra Cazenave

Park Labrea News and Beverly Press

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At Le Petit Marché, Spoon Singh and Mathew Cape bring authentic French cuisine to the Larchmont Village with a stellar seasonal menu, full bar and market, as well as a gourmet bakery and coffee bar.

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— Jill Weinlein

Larchmont Buzz

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Back in 2016, the Buzz reported that a new restaurant and gourmet food market, “Le Marché” would be opening at the new LC development at the corner of Melrose and El Centro...

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— Elizabeth Fuller

The 15 Hottest Happy Hours in Los Angeles, Spring 2019

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With the weather warming up throughout the city, there’s no better way to cool down and kick back than with cocktails and small bites for happy hour. Throughout Los Angeles, bars and restaurants are offering steeply discounted options for full-on dining, grazing with friends, or just grabbing a beer solo on the way home from work. Here now are the 15 hottest happy hours in LA.

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— Eater Staff

Our Man On The Ground Travel and Lifestyle

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My favorite restaurants are the ones that make my senses compete. Will the waft of French baguettes win over my want for that candle? Will I stock up on Italian cheese and Beaujolais, or take a sun speckled seat with a steaming cup of Verve? The best choices are the ones we don’t have to make. Delightfully at Le Petit Marché, the new culinary linchpin at the intersect of El Centro and Melrose, the answer to all of the above gets to be yes.

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— Jolie Loeb


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No doubt the L.A. restaurant scene now rivals every major city in the world. We are in no shortage of fancy dining experiences begging you to drop $300 for two on any given night. Don’t get me wrong, I love a tasting menu, an impossible-to-get reservation, a celebrity chef, an $18 craft cocktail. Who doesn’t? But I also like a date night spot that doesn’t make me break out into a sweat when the bill arrives.

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— the sought after