Le Petite Marché believes that the neighborhood restaurant and marketplace is the inherent catalyst to creating a sense of community. Because our focus is on buying locally, we develop important personal connections within our community starting at the very core of our business.

Founders created Le Petite Marché to bring high-quality, French-inspired, gourmet food to the community. Partnering with the best local producers of meats, cheeses, pastries, coffee and wine, the restaurant and marketplace is dedicated to providing premium quality gourmet foods and exceptional customer service. LPM provides meals to go or select from our fresh seasonal produce and prime quality meats.



We are committed to sourcing fresh, seasonal and organic produce. Our focus is on buying locally to support our local farmers, our local economy and to build personal connections within our community.



Our butcher shop inspires many of our menu offerings. We source our meats from Gwen’s butcher shop, we only offer meats that have been directly sourced from ranchers and purveyors, using the best tasting meats that are all hormone-free and ethically raised.



At LPM you can found a selection of grocery products, a compilation of what’s best in France in the best grocery stores. You have now a quality French Supermarket in your neighborhood!



All the bread will be sourced from Michelina who will provide authentic French baguettes, including the bread for our classic French Ficelle sandwich.



Our pastries are supplied from La Chouquette. Offering a mix of culinary artistry, exotic ingredients and innovative gluten-free pastries that are visually stunning and present an assortment of flavors. Using only French butter, organic and seasonal produce, La Chouquette provides the perfect blend of French tradition mixed with modern techniques and sophisticated, exciting flavors.



Wines will be available to drink in the restaurant or take home to enjoy. Lou Amdur of Lou Wine Shop will select the wines. Bringing to LPM natural and unusual wines, with an emphasis on wines from France’s Loire Valley, Beaujolais, the northwest and south of Spain, the northeast and south of Italy, California, Oregon and anywhere else winegrowers farm the land with respect and work wonders with the grape varieties that are historic and traditional to their regions. Wines that will be offered will reflect the seasons and the regions and traditions of where they are from.



Le Petite Marché has curated the finest imported cheeses from France, Spain, Portugal and Italy. LPM will also offer American cheeses, recognizing that the evolution of American artisan cheese is producing cheeses that are now on par with European cheese.



Verve supplies all our coffee. Verve coffee has a Farm level Initiative that supports every hand that holds the coffee, from seed to cup, positively impacting communities at the local and global level. By connecting with farmers, the Initiative creates an open line of communication that transcends distance, language and culture. Farm level shows farmers that their work matters, their attention to detail is noticed. The end result is the highest quality coffee.



Le Petite Marché has also created an extensive plant-based menu for its vegan customers, utilizing all the fresh, seasonal produce that California has to offer.



Le Petit Marché offers their seasonally sourced and beautifully presented menu items for all types of events. *need more information and direct email or phone contact for orders